About Us

Lost Pet Asia About Us

A Commercial Business with Charitable Goals

Lost Pet Asia has been established to help lost pets get home. Any microchipped pet can be registered onto the database and this means when they are lost they can be quickly identified through the unique 15 digit number.

Lost Pet Asia also allocates 25% of net profits from paying registration to be used to help animal charities involved in helping companion animals. These funds will be used for any project that is applied for, with a special emphasis on projects that help companion animals get home. Lost Pet Asia will also use funds raised to supply free microchip readers to any organisation that works with lost animals.

Who Manages Lost Pet Asia

Lost Pet Asia is run by Animal Register Limited in partnership with Siem Reap Veterinary Care.

Animal Register Limited is a New Zealand based company that has over 10 years experience managing lost pet databases and works with a number of companies around Asia and the world who have expertise in microchipping and other RFID products. It has also developed a number of unique software solutions to assist with animal repatriation. Animal Register Limited is also an agent for Halo Scanners and the Scanner Angel network.

Siem Reap Veterinary Care is a busy and established vet clinic operating out of Siem Reap.